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REVIEW From a Recent Chinese Buyer - Haimin Qi, who bought in Stafford:

     "We worked with several agents before meeting Chris. They were all fine, but chris is the whole package. We chose Chris for three compelling reasons.
First, he has expansive, professional knowledge of house quality, especially when you decide to buy a single family house. He is probably a better “home inspector” than many home inspectors. He knows which house should be avoided, which is safe to move into.
Second, when we decide to give an offer, he was very honest with us and advocated benefits to us rather than benefits to an agent. He let us know when houses were overvalued and helped make sure we did not overbid.
Third, Chris’s team was also highly efficient and professional. It took us less than three weeks to close by VA loan. And we got a relatively lower interest rate compared to other lenders. Also, the home inspector, the escrow company are nice and very responsible."


Review from 10/26/2022


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